I facilitate workshops on:

  • Member-led community organizing
  • Creative protest chant development
  • Direct action planning, including building Energy Teams to enhance the sound, visuals and participation
  • Anti-racism/white privilege
  • Understanding U.S. immigration as it relates to power
  • How to tell your story publicly
  • Building a culture of storytelling in your organization

I coach community organizers, grassroots leaders and directors of social justice organizations in:

  • Developing grassroots leadership
  • Constructing successful organizing campaigns that result in concrete changes
  • Leadership transitions
  • Developing radical relationships, within the organization and with funders
  • Creating a schedule of work and personal balance to maintain energy for the long haul

I tell stories, true stories about real people who have done amazing things through organizing collectively, and am available for performance at conferences, seminars, gatherings, events; as an opening act for musicians, bands and other storytellers; or as a headlining artist. These stories are often interspersed with protest songs from around the globe and musical accompaniment.

I was introduced to organizing through stories. My hope for my performances is that you will find inspiration in the stories I have learned that will spark something in your own community’s organizing efforts.

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